Yard racking

For all goods that do not necessarily have to be stored in a hall, outdoor storage is an option. This provides additional storage space. The prerequisite for this is the choice of the right storage systems. Cantilever racks for outdoor use are rustproof and thus optimal storage systems for storing many long goods such as wood. The steel profiles of the cantilever uprights and arms are hot-rolled and very elastic, but still have a high load-bearing capacity. All load-bearing components of the racking are hot-dip galvanised and thus resistant to weathering.
The cantilever racks in the outdoor area can additionally be equipped with a roof. When it comes to protecting goods from rain and snow, cantilever racks with a roof are ideal for outdoor storage. The roofing can be provided by the customer. The roof can be designed to rise or slope, depending on the forklift truck and rain drainage used.
Depending on the installation site, the snow and wind loads of the region, among others, are taken into account when dimensioning the upright profiles and roof beams.

Features Cantilever racking for outdoor use:

  • one-sided and two-sided use for extremely heavy loads
  • hot-dip galvanised quality for all load-bearing components
  • Roofing and wall cladding possible
  • Various weather protection systems available