Narrow aisle solutions

The narrow aisle warehouse is characterised by the fact that the width of the aisles between the racks is reduced to a minimum. It ranges between 1.5 and 1.8 metres. Handling is done with special narrow-aisle forklifts. This design allows more cantilever racking to be installed in a warehouse than in conventional warehouses, where storage and retrieval is done with a front stacker. Here, the typical aisle width is approx. 2.8 - 3 metres. Guide rollers are mounted on the side of the narrow aisle truck chassis to hold the truck between the rails in the middle of the aisle.
Handling in narrow aisle racking can also be done with an overhead crane, which requires much less space in the racking aisles than industrial trucks.
The narrow-aisle warehouse can be used as an order-picking warehouse. The entire height of the hall is used for storing many different items.

Features Narrow aisle racking:

  • Reduction of racking aisle widths to a minimum
  • More storage capacity due to more racking rows
  • Handling also possible with overhead crane
  • High degree of space utilisation
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