Industrial Applications

More and more products are being manufactured in an industrialised way. For this purpose, every industrial company needs a large number of industrial shelves to accommodate products and create a strict storage system for quick access.
For this purpose, all large and small processes are perfectly coordinated. Special attention is always paid to the warehouse. The selection and organisation of suitable industrial shelving plays a decisive role.

For many articles, the use of a classic shelf is the best option. In most cases, however, it is worthwhile to adapt a shelf to the exact requirements in order to make better use of the space and to simplify processes. For long goods and particularly heavy and bulky goods, cantilever racks are particularly suitable. This type of shelving consists of IPE uprights with cantilever arms on one or both sides. The load rests on these arms.
Cantilever racking is suitable for loading with machines and is therefore the perfect industrial racking for steel products and other goods with excess length.