Car recyclers

Car recyclers have a big challenge when it comes to storing end-of-life vehicles: accommodating a lot of stored goods in a small space.
The solution for more space and safety in the warehouse is robust cantilever racking made of steel. Cantilever racking consists of perforated, vertical IPE uprights with horizontally suspended cantilever arms on which the vehicles are placed. The load capacity of the cantilever arms is enormous. The vehicles are usually stored on only two cantilever arms. This in turn means a great saving of space. In contrast to conventional storage of end-of-life vehicles on the floor, storage in cantilever racks achieves a space saving of almost 70%.

In addition to vehicles, there are also cantilever racks for the storage of axles, doors or other accessories.
Cantilever racks are available in single and double-sided versions. Up to 5 vehicles can be stored on top of each other in this storage system. The robust racks are hot-dip galvanised and can be fitted with a roof construction on request.